International Removal Rome

International Removal Rome


An international removal to Rome? Rome is a mythical city with more than 2,500 years of history, the cradle of civilizations and great events in history. Its heritage is immeasurable, its streets constitute authentic walking museums as it is the cradle of important aesthetic and cultural movements. It is the third most visited city in Europe and is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

The religious, architectural and cultural heritage is of great importance thanks to its character as a pilgrimage city and the proximity of the Vatican, an independent country in the heart of Rome. This catholic presence has strongly influenced the expansion of the city with the construction of an immeasurable number of churches in the capital. As the capital of Italy, the city concentrates great dynamism thanks to the presence of the most important Italian institutions that have headquarters in the capital.

Your International removal to Rome with Amygo Group

If you are thinking about a change of scenery and packing your bags for the lands of the ancient Empire, at Grupo Amygo we have different services, adapted to the needs of each client, we take care of the complete packaging and dismantling your furniture if necessary, moving it to its new destination and perform the reverse procedure, reassembling even your previously disassembled furniture.

We are also in charge of managing all the necessary municipal and parking permits and we have the support of insurance companies worldwide to guarantee the entire process. We carry out routes every week with moves to Italy and especially in Rome since it is a strategic location and a country that arouses many economic interests in Spain, which is why we can offer high reliability and quality at competitive prices.

Amygo Group has delegations in Italy to facilitate the completion of each move, managing local parking permits, placing parking space reservation signs with sufficient advance notice, inspecting access at the destination and carrying out inspections to evaluate the move. . We carry out removals to any point in Italy: Rome, Milan, Venice, Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Bologna, Bari, Bergamo, Pisa, Siena, Florence, Sicily, Treviso, Pompeii, Capri, or any other city.

Several services for your removal to Rome

Grupo Amygo provide efficient removal services to Rome with different services adapted to your needs, we take care of full packaging and disassembling furniture if need it, transfer to new destination and reverse procedure, assembling furniture previously dismantled.

Also of managing all local parking permits and supported by leading insurance companies worldwide guaranteeing best quality of service. At last, if you need more time of storage, we have available our excellent Storage in Rome for you.

In grupo Amygo we have a large experience in removals to Italy, specially in Rome as it is a strategic location and a country as it is a country that raises many economic interests in Spain.

Grupo Amygo provides local warehouses to store your move in case of need, managing all local parking permits, placing priority parking signs to avoid delays, inspecting destination access, making removals evaluation inspections in case that the origin is an Italian city and supporting our team to accomplish highest satisfaction from our customers.

Grupo Amygo can reach any place in Italy: Rome, Milan, Venecia, Geneva, Naples, Palermo, Bolonia, Bari, Bergamo, Pisa, Siena, Florence, Sicily, Treviso, Pompeya, Capri, or any other city.

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