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Netherlands is a small size country but large in projection and economy. Its es un  pequeño país en tamaño, pero gran país en economía y proyección. Its multicultural vocation and developed economy, it makes it open and dynamic with many expatriates and returnees in many countries. It has one of the largest ports in the world based in Rotterdam. There is a large Dutch community living in Spain.

Full door to door services

  • EXCLUSIVE: Service where clients decides closing date of picking and delivery.
  • SEMI-COMBINED: More economic than the exclusive service, in the semi-combined service the client closes the date of collection or delivery and it adapts to Grupo Amygo routes with certain flexibility.
  • COMBINED: It is the most economic service, where client adapts with flexibility in picking dates and delivery routes of Grupo Amygo.
    • Unfolding furniture
    • Packing furniture
    • Packing content
    • Custom packing for delicate objects and furniture
    • Truck loading and stowage
    • Transport of cars, motorbikes, etc…
    • Door to door transport
    • International insurance
    • Warehouses for long and short storage
    • Unpacking
    • Folding furniture
    • Removal of excess packaging material
    • Additional services under request: hanging frames, hanging and lamp conecto, cleaning, etc…
300 profesionales
130 vehículos
400 delegaciones
29 elevadores

Grupo Amygo counts with International Removals frequent routes within different cities in Netherlands.

Grupo Amygo has in NEDERLANDS over 28 delegations EMG (European Moving Group) to help the removal realisation, providing local warehouses services for storage in case of need, managing all local parking permits, placing priority parking signs, inspecting all destination access, making all removal inspections evaluation in case that the origin is a German city, and supporting our team to accomplish total clients satisfaction.

That is why Grupo Amygo makes many services in Netherlands and its cities as:  Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Maastricht among others.

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