International Removals Belgium

International Removals Belgium


Prepare your international removal to Belgium with Grupo Amygo. Belgium is one of the most demanded destinies for International Removals in Europe, due to the high number of headquarters of European organisations in its territory, specially in Brussels.

Belgium is one of the most sought after destinations for International Removals in Europe, thanks to a remarkable presence of European organisations’ headquarters on its territory, especially in Brussels, which houses the headquarters of NATO.

The cuntry is a federal state composed of three regions (Flanders, Wallonia, and the Capital Region of Brussels) with Dutch (in Flanders) and French (Wallonia) languages with cultural as well as economic differences.

Brussels is a bilingual region, although French is spoken for the most part. In the 1970s, the Flemish region became the most prosperous in the country due to the closure of the mines and the oil crisis in Wallonia.

Belgium is an atypical country because of its administrative, cultural and linguistic diversity. An international removal to Belgium requires some preparation, and we provide you with some basic information about the cost of moving to Belgium, as well as the administrative formalities you will have to deal with.

Administrative formalities for living in Belgium

As a member of the European Union and the Schengen area, you do not need a visa to move to Belgium; a valid identity card or passport will suffice. If your stay will be longer than 5 years, you should contact the town hall of your place of residence to find out about the different statuses for foreign residents.

In Grupo Amygo we offer a removal service to Belgium adapted to the needs of the client, by volume, by budget and by dates of collection and delivery.

What is the price of an international move to Belgium?

Certain elements must be taken into account to determine the price of an international removal to Belgium:

  • The total cubic volume of the removal
  • The distance to be covered (for a removal to Belgium the most recommended and least expensive mode of transport is by road)
  • The insurance

Therefore Grupo Amygo offers a removal service with Belgium adapted to the clients needs, per volume, budget and collection and delivery dates.

Removal Services to Belgium: Door to door full services

  • EXCLUSIVE: the client chooses the date of collection and delivery.
  • SEMI-COMBINED: More economic than the Exclusive service, with the semi-combined service the client chooses the collection or delivery date with flexibility to Grupo Amygo routes.
  • COMBINED: It is the most economic service where the client adapts with flexibility in collection and delivery dates to Grupo Amygo routes.
    • Stowage and cargo
    • Car-carrying, Motorbike-carrying, etc.
    • Door to door removal
    • International Insurance
    • Long term and short term storage
    • Furniture Packing/Unpacking
    • Removal of excess packaging material
    • Furniture assembly
    • Adicional services: Lamp installation, frame hanging, cleaning, etc.
    • Dismantling furniture

Grupo Amygo prepares your international removal to Belgium

Grupo Amygo has a network of prestigious partners in Belgium at our disposal to facilitate the service, providing local furniture storage facilities for the storage of the move in case of need, managing local parking permits, placing the parking space reservation signs well in advance, inspecting the accesses at destination, carrying out the evaluation inspections of the move in case the origin is a city in Switzerland, and supporting our teams to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

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