International Removals France

International Removals France


An international removal to France? France is not only one of the most charismatic countries in the world, but also has the second strongest economy in the Eurozone. These are certainly reasons enough to attract people looking for new opportunities, whether they are investors, artists or professionals. In fact, it is no coincidence that France is the third most popular country for Spaniards to move to.

Grupo Amygo offers an extensive network of professionals and a specialised transport system to ensure that your furniture and personal belongings arrive safely.

In addition, being a transit country, we can link removals in combined services, which allows us to optimize costs and offer you a very competitive price.

Grupo Amygo offers an International Removal Services Europe with France adapted to clients needs, by volume, by budget and by dates of collection and delivery. France is an emisor and receptor of expatriates and repatriates, a transit country between the different countries of the European Union, which makes it very easy to link combined services with competitive prices to optimise costs (combined and semi-combined services).

We are specialists in international removals to France

Grupo Amygo has a vast experience in international removals to France, so you can leave everything in our hands with absolute peace of mind. Grupo Amygo manage clients removals to major the cities of the country such as Paris, Toulouse, Aix en Provence, Clermont Ferrand, Brest or Strasbourg, but we reach all corners of the country. We also have one of the best services for transporting belongings from Barcelona to Paris and all over France.

Complete door-to-door service for your international removal to France

We take care of disassembling, transporting and assembling your furniture and we ensure that the most delicate objects reach their destination. In addition, so that you don’t have to worry about anything upon arrival, we remove excess material from the packaging, we can clean the house, connect the lamps and even hang your paintings. And if you have trouble moving right away or your new home isn’t ready yet, we offer a local furniture storage service.

We also take care of arranging the local parking permit and placing a reservation sign with enough time in advance, so that these details do not pose a problem. In fact, due to the common customs program between the countries of the European Union, you will not need to pay additional fees when moving to France, but that does not mean that some procedures will not have to be carried out. We will take care of everything.

Removal services France: Full door to door services

  • EXCLUSIVE: Service where client closes date of picking and delivery.
  • SEMI-COMBINED: More economic than the exclusive service, semi-combined service client closes date of picking or delivery and adapts to Grupo Amygo routes with certain flexibility.
  • COMBINED: This is them most economic service, where client adapts with flexibility to dates of picking and delivery to Grupo Amygo routes.
    • Furniture packing
    • Contents packing
    • Custom packing for delicate objects and furniture
    • Truck loading and stowage
    • Transport of cars, motorbikes, etc…
    • Door to door transport
    • International Insurance
    • Storage for short and long periods.
    • Unpacking
    • Furniture folding
    • Removal of excess packing material
    • Additional services under request: hanging frames, installing lamp conecto, house cleaning, etc…
    • Unfolding furniture

Grupo Amygo facilitates the removal realisation, providing local warehouses, services for storage in case of need, managing all local parking permits, placing priority parking permit signs, inspecting destiny access and making removal evaluation inspections

You decide what type of removal you want to make !

At Grupo Amygo we adapt to your demands. If you are in a hurry, you can hire an exclusive moving service and choose the date to pick up and deliver your furniture. We can also guarantee an urgent removal to France by air, although as these shipments are more expensive, we recommend leaving everything in the hands of our packaging professionals, who will know how to make the most of the space.

If you have more time at your disposal and you adapt to our routes, you can opt for the semi-combined delivery service, an equally safe option in which you can choose the collection or delivery date.

However, if you want to organize a cheap removal to France and have greater flexibility with the dates, our combined service will suit you perfectly. Take advantage of the advantages that Grupo Amygo offers you and request a quote online.

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