Removals Germany


Removals Germany

Germany is one of the European economic motors and major industrial power of innovation and development, that is why maintains a high level of exchange of removal service. Grupo Amygo offers a European International Removals with Germany adapted to the clients need, for volumen, budget and for collecting and delivery dates.


Door to door services

  • EXCLUSIVE: Client chooses date of collection and delivery.
  • SEMI-COMBINED: More economic than the Exclusive service, with the semi-combined service the client chooses the collection or delivery date with flexibility to Grupo Amygo routes.
  • COMBINED: It is the most economic service where the client adapts with flexibility in collection and delivery dates to Grupo Amygo routs.
    • Furniture Packing
    • Packing contents
    • Customised packing for delicate objects and furniture
    • Stowage and cargo
    • Car-carrying, Motorbike-carrying, etc.
    • Door to door removal
    • International Insurance
    • Long term and short term storage
    • Unpacking
    • Furniture assembly
    • Removal of excess packaging material
    • Adicional services: Lamp installation, frame hanging, cleaning, etc.
    • Dismantling furniture
300 profesionales
130 vehículos
400 delegaciones
29 elevadores

Grupo Amygo has frequently routes in different cities of Germany.

Grupo Amygo has in Germany local offices at your disposal to facilitate the move, making available local storage services to store removals in case of need, managing local parking permits, placing reserve parking signals allowing to park in advance, finding access destination, making the pertinent removal inspections in case that the origin is a German city, and supporting our team to accomplish greater satisfaction in our clients.

That is why is very difficult to overcome Grupo Amygo efficiency for any type of removals in Germany: Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Bonn, Dusseldorf, etc…

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I would like to congratulate and thank your recent removal service. Your staff has been efficient, professional and friendly and won’t doubt hiring again Grupo Amygo or to recommend to others. Thank you very much for minimising stress that day.

Emma Naismith
Emma NaismithRemoval

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