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International Removals Lisbon


Is it easy to move to Lisbon? Yes, as Grupo Amygo manages all local permits and parking permits and insures all process with most well known insurance companies worldwide. The process is very simple: Our professionals will be in charge of collect all packages in your address to later transfer them to destination. Once in your new home, our specialists will take care of assembling and placing furniture as you wish. In case to need storage for a longer period of time, we offer a storage service in Lisbon to cover your needs. All our years of experience in the industry applied to make out of your move to Lisbon most easy as possible. We will be more than happy to help you.
Thanks to our membership with IAM (International Asociation of Moves), Grupo Amygo has available in Portugal a wide network of international well known partners to provide to our customers Removal Service to Lisbon, as local storage in case of need. In addition, we manage all local parking permits, placing priority parking signs, checking all points of destination, inspection removal assessment in case that the origin is a Portuguese city, supporting our team to accomplish full satisfaction. In Grupo Amygo we do removals to any place from anywhere in Portugal.


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