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The magical city of Amsterdam combines its large canals and numerous bridges with creative XVI and XVII architecture its also one of the cities with most cultural and touristic attractive. In Grupo Amygo we do not want you to miss all its details and for that is that we offer our removal service to Amsterdam helping you will all process.Te ofrecemos un presupuesto sin compromiso, con un servicio ajustado a tus necesidades, nos encargamos del embalaje, desmontar y montar tus muebles y su transporte desde tu punto de origen hasta el destino.

If you need to store your furniture or belongings during a larger period of time, you might like to take a look to our storage service in Amsterdam. In addition to that and for best facility, we manage all kind of local permits and parking permits with support of insurance companies worldwide to cover any accident.

300 profesionales
130 vehículos
400 delegaciones
29 elevadores

Grupo Amygo has frequent international removals routes within different cities in Netherlands.

We have in Netherlands over 28 EMG (European Moving Group) branches available to facilitate accomplish movings to Amsterdam, providing in addition, a local storage service to store your belongings in case of need, managing all local parking permits, placing priority parking signs, finding all destination accesses, making Removals Evaluations Inspections in case that the origin is a Netherlands city and supporting our team to accomplish your highest satisfaction.

That is why, Grupo Amygo executes multiple services in Holland and its cities as: Amsterdam, Hague, Rotterdam and Maastricht among others.

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