International Removals

International Removals

International Removals involves a higher responsibility and requires a more complex logistic than the local or national moves. In addition to operative matters, it is necessary accomplish a set of legal requirements to your belongings crossing frontiers safely and successfully. That is why, having advice form highly qualified professionals and with experience in International Removals management is an excellent way to avoid complications and facilitate your change of residency.

Grupo Amygo offers a wide international collaborators network that covers all 5 continents and a large trajectory in International Removals materia. With over 450 professionals on your service, Grupo Amygo counts with technical and professional resources to transfer your belongings to its international destination via air, earth or sea.

You could see how Grupo Amygo’s team packs your belongings, unfolds your furniture and places it all back in your new home, thanks to Full International Removal Service. Not need to worry for any legal aspects: as from contracting insurance companies as to Custom Clearance are in charge of Grupo Amygo.

In Grupo Amygo we are specialists in:
International Removals by Sea
Mudanzas Internacionales Marítimas
International Removals by Air
Mudanzas Internacionales Aéreas
International Removals in Europe
Mudanzas Internacionales Europa


To move your home to an international destination, most important is that each one of your personal belongings is carefully protected. The specialists in International Removals of Grupo Amygo will know how to prepare your personal belongings to guarantee its security: from the most little, fragiles and delicates as dishes; to the biggest ones as furniture, lamps, even a car.

First step to calculate the size of your removal, is determinate which are the objects and personal belongings that you need. This way, it establishes the quantity of space necessary for transportation, type of package, human and technical resources, etc… Once all characteristics of the container are defined, Grupo Amygo will process all pertinent permits to accomplish with all departures from your country and arrival destination.

In addition, knowing the space and resources necessary for transportation of your goods, will allow to calculate the cost of your International Removals and evaluate the mode of removal- by sea, air and land- best according to your needs.

International Removals: By Sea, Air and Land

Each one of three International Removals modes, requires support of a company with a professional network, branches offices that helps transportation of containers and logistic support.

  • In the case of Removals by sea, Grupo Amygo uses regulatory containers and work with leading maritime operator through current agreements.
  • When land shipping, the leadership is in charge of the Grupo Amygo specialised vehicle fleet, able to transport from a small move till all your belongings and furniture of your home, including your car, motorbike, quads, etc… with security guarantees.
  • If you decided for transport by air your belongings, you will experience a fast delivery. However, it is recommended only choose this option when volume of your move is small to avoid high costs. The ideal International Removals by Air is to trust in Grupo Amygo professionals to pack your personal belongings: they will know how to make better use of space in containers or air vans in plane cellars.

It does not matter which option you choose, Grupo Amygo will make a quote. Also will take care of packing and unpacking your objects, previous disassembling furniture (to be after assembled in your new address). Also could choose for groupage, to reduce International Removals costs).

In addition, Grupo Amygo will take care of all custom process of exports and imports and requesting local permits as liability insurance in origin as in destination. All modes offer a door to door service.

300 profesionales
130 vehículos
400 delegaciones
29 elevadores

Safe Removals, Happy Customers

To guarantee International Removals security, Grupo Amygo manages carefully all necessary Custom permits and offers a wide range of insurance policies that cover from any possible damages your belongings.

Custom Clearance procedures when International Removals could be a headache to people. To avoid worries, simply let a team of professionals care about it. Grupo Amgo will manage all necessary documents at the same time that offers advice regarding legal issues and import limits of your destination country.

Each country has many regulations in terms of import goods, like tariffs and specific taxes, that is why counting with the legal support of Grupo Amygo will help make more bearable your move.

As to insurances, Grupo Amygo always operates with leading insurance companies. In each of its services has available a liability insurance protecting its team of professionals, your home and yourself. You could also choose all risk policies that will cover all your belongings during your International Move.


Grupo Amygo has the privilege to work with best collaborators in the industry that are part of the European Moving Group (EMG), an European removal organisation composed for over 2500 professionals. As a client of Grupo Amygo will benefit of a network of specialists that will ease your International Removals process, guaranteeing often moves and fast admin formalities.

In addition, Grupo Amygo has available a storage service where you could keep your belongings in case that your destination address is not ready upon arrival. Certified with European Regulation of Quality ISO 9001, Grupo Amygo offers a global coverage in your international moves with trustworthy guarantees.

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