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Storage in Cadiz


Thanks to our wide network, you can now find us near you, in Cadiz coast. From Grupo Amygo we offer the most advanced storage service in Cadiz, by providing our storage services were providing highest comfort to our customers is required, adjusting our spaces to your demand, as maximum hygiene control and space fitting-out. Customers get at all times an detailed inventory of its belongings and the container its sealed until client decides; in the mean time we take care of your belongings, with 24/7 security system and most advanced technology. Besides Cadiz, you can find us in other of the main Spanish cities (over 45.000M3), European cities and worldwide, for short period storage of long periods. PERSONALISED SERVICE
  • Packing, removal from current address and delivery to new destiny.
  • Warehouses in Cadiz, Removal and storage.
  • Warehouses in Cadiz, Storage and delivery.
  • Warehouses in CadizOnly storage.
INDIVIDUAL CONTAINERS Various metal or wood sizes. Characteristics of storage service:
  • Ventilation
  • Warehouses in Cadiz storage in independent containers.
  • Warehouses in Cadiz Regular treatment against humidity, rats and other pests.
  • Warehouses in Cadiz Regularly inspected fireproofing systems.
  • Warehouses in Cadiz Computerised Control.
We prepare detailed and numbered inventories (copy for client) of the personal belongings of removal that we keep in custody in our facilities. MONTHLY STORAGE, QUARTERLY, HALF-YEAR, YEARLY Members of: PAIMA, HHGFAA, FEDEMAC, AMSA, CETM, OCEM, FEDEM


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