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Overseas Removals

Overseas Removals

Amygo Group has strong experience in international overseas removals and logistics adapted to each situation. Maritime transportation is the most common for long-distance and transcontinental moves. Its price depends on the maritime freight that corresponds to the trip and space of your belongings in the container, whether complete or in maritime groupage, as well as the origin and destination.

You must bear in mind that there are derived expenses such as customs clearance, as well as collection and delivery expenses that correspond to the services generated in the delivery for loading and unloading the container, as well as transporting it.

Aspects in the price of international overseas removals

  • Arrival expenses: these are the expenses generated once your merchandise reaches its destination. This is the cost of loading and unloading actions, as well as handling and transport of the container.
  • Customs clearance: corresponds to the taxes and duties that your merchandise must pay like all international commercial shipments.
  • Complementary services: it is advisable to take out insurance for international moves so that the management of your move is carried out without problems. Our moving advisors can provide you with more information about this.

Grupo Amygo offers an International moving service to all countries with the following advantages:

International Removal Service to all countries

  • Free quote
  • Full packing professional and cared
  • High quality and resistent materials
  • Unfolding furniture
  • Container loading and stowage
  • Port transferst
  • Exportation Customs formalities
  • Maritime transport to country of destination
  • Import Customs formalities in country of destination
  • Home delivery
  • Delivery
  • Unpacking
  • Furniture assembly
  • Management and requesting local parking permits in origin and destination
  • Availability of warehouses for storage your move in case that your home is not ready when arrival
  • Additional services as hanging frames, lamps, curtains, shelves, cleaning, etc…

Exclusive sealed containers only opened in your presence

  • 20′ with capacity for 30m3
  • 40′ with capacity for 60m3
  • 40′ HC with capacity for 75m3

Groupage Removals, more economic, packed in Lift-Van containers adapted to your needs.

Custom management and processing

International Removals in non-EU countries require managing procedures of exports and imports within Custom Authorities in countries of origin and destination, providing necessary documentation. In Grupo Amygo we facilitate such labor for you not to worry and spending time in much more important things to do, advising you about import limitations in each country.

EFFECTIVITY AND PROFESSIONALISM When Overseas Removal, personal effects, belongings and furniture will spend time travelling in a container in extreme temperature, humidity, salinity, movement, etc… That is why is important to have best packing materials, protection for your belongings with reinforced double or triple layers available and protections for larger furniture. Also it is very important to work with highly qualified professionals during stowage process. An incorrect stowage could cause shifting of cargo during trajectory and harm your move.


WITH CORRESPONDENTS IN ALL COUNTRIES Grupo Amygo it is member of leading removal organisations worldwide, that group the most important removal corporations per quality and trajectory, so that can guaranteeing the right partner in each country to be able to provide the coverage you might need, both imports and exports.

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