National and International Storage

National and International Storage

h We have under your disposal the biggest capillarity of storage in Spain and Europe for long and short stays. The furniture storage service is the right way to keep your belongings protected and guarded in individual containers made of disinfested wood. The boxes are sealed in the presence of the client and computer controlled.


  • A specialist from Grupo Amygo will measure the volume necessary.
  • Furniture and belongings have to be perfectly packed to be protected during storage time.
  • Before storing it, a detailed inventory with copy for client
  • Furniture and belongings will be stored in in clean and disinfected containers providing  its best conservation during the service.
  • The container will be packed in your presence and will not be reopened until its demand.
  • Warehouses are clean, with ventilation and 24/7 security controlled technologically.


  • Additional cost may apply depending on storing time.
  • Fire, rob and inundation Insurance.
  • 0,15% of declared value if Monthly
  • 0,6% of declared value if Half-year
  • 1% of declared value if Annual
  • Insurance is contracted with the main insurance companies in the sector
  • The stay and custody in furniture wharehouse is contracted for months, semesters or years

Types of Furniture Storage

During a move, the surface area from one home to another may vary. The problem is accentuated if we move to a smaller area and are left with furniture and objects that we cannot install in our new location. We find ourselves needing to hire furniture wharehouse services. Currently, we find several options:

  • The traditional

This is the great classic and is managed by a moving company. It is a wooden box that allows you to store furniture and objects. The premises are equipped with surveillance cameras and access is possible by appointment.

  • Self-storage

A system similar to traditional furniture wharehousewith one difference: the client must deposit their goods. The storage rooms have a surveillance camera and the client has a confidential code that allows 24/7 access.

  • Mobile

The storage room is delivered directly to your home. Once all objects have been stored, it will be closed and transported to a central warehouse.

Process for staying in the wharehouse

  • A Grupo Amygo specialist measures the volume you will need according to what you have to store
  • Furniture and belongings must be properly packaged to be protected during their stay in the storage unit
  • Before taking it to the storage room, a detailed and numbered inventory of what is going to be stored is prepared, of which the client keeps a copy
  • Furniture and belongings are stowed in clean and disinfected containers for optimal conservation during storage service
  • The container is sealed in your presence and will not be reopened until the client demands it.
  • Our services are made up of clean, conditioned warehouses with 24-hour surveillance where the containers or boxes that store the client’s belongings are located and which are computer controlled.

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