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Explore Grupo Amygo's Integral Experience

With a track record since 1964, we offer complete and customized solutions for local and international transfers, both for individuals and companies.

Experts in international and domestic moves.

Personalized attention for individuals and companies.

Transfers by land, sea and air.

Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Overall Google rating is 4.7 out of 5, based on 477 reviews.

About us

Explore Grupo Amygo's Integral Experience

In Grupo Amygo we give you all the options for you to choose the one that best suits your economy, but keep in mind the following tips: For an International Move it is recommended that the moving company is the one who packs everything due to longer transits, and especially if it is an intercontinental sea or air moving, since the shipment is handled and transshipped to different means of transport (truck, ship-airplane) and is subjected to customs inspections in many destination countries by opening the container and handling personal effects and furniture, so the packing must be careful, professional and with the right materials for each item.

If the removal is local, personal belongings suffer less and mixed alternatives are feasible, such as those offered by Grupo Amygo in the Access, Standing, Standing plus and Optimun modalities, where the client can choose to pack, dismantle furniture, etc… to adjust the budget to his needs.

Well, it depends on the country of destination; if it is a destination in the European Union you will not have problems due to the treaties of free movement of people and goods as long as they are legal and not restricted items. If it is a non-EU country, you can bring personal effects and used furniture as long as they have been purchased prior to 6 months before the move, otherwise we run the risk that the customs authorities of the destination country will make us pay taxes.

As a general rule, you should not bring corrosive products, drugs, weapons, ammunition, prohibited products or articles, medicines without a doctor’s prescription, perishable products, radioactive products, etc… If you need to bring products or articles of this nature, you should consult the moving company and the customs of the country of destination.

If you want to bring food, alcohol, tobacco, seeds, etc… you must consult beforehand to make sure of the customs regulations of the country of destination.

Yes, we do the moving door to door with all the process included so you don’t have to worry about anything. We do local, national, international, land, sea and air moves.

No, there is no minimum volume, but keep in mind that the costs are not proportional since there are fixed costs that cannot be reduced such as parking permits, customs clearance in case of international shipments to countries outside the European Union, etc…, so the more volume you move, the cheaper it will be in m3.

Well, it depends on the destination of the move and the means of transport. If it is a move in mainland Spain or to the European Union by land there will be no problems, except that insurance companies do not insure damages for spilled liquids in removals, but if the move is to a non-EU country should consult and make sure because in some destinations is strictly prohibited with risk of very high fines and confiscation and in others is regulated and must make additional declarations and other formalities.

The same applies to medicines, powdered or liquid milk for babies, baby food in general, etc…

We have our own furniture repository in each of our offices in Spain and islands. We also have furniture storage in all international destinations through our network of collaborating agents and correspondents with the best prices and security guarantees in case it is necessary.

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The sooner the better, since there are seasons of higher demand such as summers, Christmas, Easter, long weekends, holiday eves, end of the month and Fridays in general that are usually booked well in advance. It is advisable not to leave it to the last minute.

It depends on the country of destination. If it is from a country of the European Union to another country of the European Union it can be sent without any problem. For other international destinations it is necessary to consult with the moving company or the customs authorities of the country of destination since some of them prohibit it or require tedious or complicated administrative procedures.

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