In Grupo Amygo we offer all options so you can choose the best for you, counting with the following tips:te damos todas las opciones para que elijas la que mejor se adapte a tu economía, pero ten en cuenta los siguientes consejos:

For an International Removal it is recommended that the Removal company takes care of packaging due to long distance trips, specially if its an overseas removal or by air, as shipment is manipulated and transport in different ways such as trolly, ferry or plain. And is subject to customs inspections in many countries of destination by opening the container and manipulating personal belongings and furniture. That is why the package has to be carefully done, professional and using the right materials for each item.

When is a local removal, personal belongings suffer less damages more feasible are the mixed alternatives that Grupo Amygo offers  Access, Standing, Standing plus & Optimun where the customer can choose where to pack, disassembling furniture, etc… to adjust budget under your expectations.

Depending of the country of destination; if it is a destination of EU you wont have any issues due to the agreement of free circulation of people and ware always when are legal items and not restricted. If it is a non EU country personal belongings and furniture are allowed, always when bought 6 months before the removal, if it is not the case we take the risk that the Custom authorities of the country of destination will charge a fee.

As a general rule, prohibited items such as drugs, weapons, ammunitions, corrosive substances, medicines without prescription, perishables, radioactive, etc… In case of need to take items of this kind, must contact the Removal Company and Customs in the country of destination.

If you are thinking to take any food, alcohol, tabacco, seeds, etc… must previously check the custom regulations in country of destination.

Yes, we do door to door service in all included process for you. As in Local Removals, Nationals and Internationals. Overland, overseas and by air.

Actually not, but have in consideration that the expenses are not proporcional, as are fixed expenses that can not be reduced such as parking permits, Customs Clearance in case of a non UE country, etc… this means that when the larger volume is shipped, most economic it will be in m3.

Depending on the destination and the type of transport. If is a Removal in Spain or EU overland should not be any problem, except that the insurance companies do not insure the damages by spilled liquids during removals. In case that the country of Removal is a non EU country must consult in advance as in some destinations it is strictly prohibited with heavy fines and confiscation. In other destinations is regulated and must make additional declarations and other formalities.

Same for medicines, powdered milk or liquid for babies, infant food in general, etc…

We do have own Storage Service in each of our branches in Spain and Islands. We also have Storage Service in all international destinations through our collaborators and correspondents network with most competitive prices and security guarantee in case of need.

You can contact Grupo Amygo via email, phone or fax providing us your contact details such as email, phone number and approximated date of removal, origin and destination. We will get back at you ASAP.

Also filling the request form and we will contact you.

The sooner the better, as in seasons of higher demand such as summer, Christmas, Easter, Bank Holidays, Holiday eves, end of the month and Fridays in general that are previously requested. We recommend not to leave it to last minute.

That depends on the destination country. From a EU country to another EU contra there is not a problem. To other international destinations, must see with Customs and removal company of destination as in some countries are prohibited or required of complicated administrative formalities.